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ballast with parameter adjustment and remote control for 4-pin UV-lamps, lamp power up to 600W 

lamp power: up to 600 W

lamp current: up to 6,0 A


  • preheat start ballasts for optimal lamp operation with adjustable operation parameters
  • single device - powers one lamp
  • adjustable preheat and operation parameter settings for use in different environmental conditions
  • controllable via PLC or ZED ZCON control units, allows dimming, using remote mode the status relay wiring can be omitted
  • lamp and ballast status indication
    - green, red and yellow LEDs
    - potential free relay contacts
    - ModBus/ZCON status request
  • up to 30 m lamp cable length possible, constant lamp and preheat current even with long cables
  • local operation and digital remote control
  • lamp operation control via RS485 using ModBus or ZCON protocol
  • rack mounting ballasts
    - less space for more ballasts
    - push-in cards for quick servicing
  • enhanced protection
    - power range control
    - undervoltage protection
    - overtemperature protection
  • high efficiency
  • active power factor correction (PFC)
    low THD according to EN 61000

Technical Specification

supply voltage: 230 V AC ± 10% / 45-65 Hz (115 V AC types on request)
efficiency: > 90%
operation temperature: max. 50 ° C (122 ° F) at TC-point (ballasts are overtemperature protected)
ambient temperature: 0 - 40 ° C (32-104 ° F)
IP code: IP00
dimensions (LxWxD): 220 x 143,5 x 60 mm (8,66 x 5,65 x 2,36 inch)

UV lamp types

  • GPHHA1554T10L
  • NNI 400/147 XL
  • NNI 600/147 XL*

* special application

(ballasts for other UV lamp types available on request)

ZED Control Units

  • ZCONmini
  • ZCONdin
  • ZCONnano
  • ZCONsub


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