for digital ZED UV-sensors


  • for use as
  • UV-C / temperature monitoring system
    combinations of up to two
    - D-SiC sensors (displaying UV values in "W/m²", "mW/cm²" or "%")
    - D-SLS sensors (displaying UV values in "%")
    - D-ST sensors (displaying temperature values in "°C" or "°F")
  • converter for digital sensor signals
    for converting the measurement value of D-SiC, D-SLS or D-ST sensors to analog output signals;
    - PRO30D-I converts to 4-20 mA
    - PRO30D-U converts to 0-10V (alternatively two separated output signals or one common output forwarding the lower UV value)
  • operation hour counter/cycle counter
    with lamp replacement indication, plain hour counter mode without sensors possible
  • system status indication:
    - multicolor 2-line LCD
    - green, red and yellow LCD backlight
  • system status forwarding:
    - potential free relay contacts (UV alarm)
  • ready for certification according to DVGW W294 and ÖNORM M5873

Technical Specification

supply voltage: 230V AC ± 10% /45-65Hz (115V AC and 24V DC von request)
operation temperature: max. 45°C (113°F)
ambient temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
IP code: IP00
mounting: to be installed in a closed cabinet,
DIN rail mounting
dimensions (LxWxD): 70 x 95 x 50 mm (2,75 x 3,73 x 1,96 inch)

ZED UV-Sensors

  • ...with digital interface

Control Units

  • via 4-20 mA signal output*
  • via 0-10V signal output*
  • via relay contacts

*depending on type